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Our Values

Our Values

Our values

These are the values Momentum is built upon.

They are the foundation of our organisation and the pillars of every message.

Without these values in action, we would cease to exist.

Relationships – Dentistry is a relationship business. Your ability to build and sustain great relationships with your patients and staff leads to the best kind of marketing in the world: word of mouth referrals. People choose Momentum because we partner with you. We support you, no matter what is going on in your practice or your life. We are there for you and with you. Our Practice Development Managers (PDMs) are in your practice so they can bring out the best in your team. We care more, so we do more. We’’ve got heart.

Growth – We get you growing. Our clients achieve over 40% growth in their first year. We increase your patient numbers. We get more people to say yes to treatment and we’ll help you generate patients who rave about your practice. We have done the research. We know you will get a 576% return on your initial investment with us. And, our practice owners enjoy an extra month off every year. These are real achievements and we are proud of them. We give you a road map with 50 best practices so you grow as clinicians and leaders, personally, professionally and profitably. We train you better, mentor you more closely and care like no one else.

Exceptional Quality – Exceptional practices easily stand out from Dr. Drill-and-Fill down the road. Being exceptional gives you an edge in this competitive industry. Exceptional practices have more referrals, higher case acceptance, more engaged staff and higher production. You will know how to promote dental health as an integral part of your patients’ well-being. Your highly trained staff will provide an outstanding experience personally and clinically. You will become a prosperous practice of choice. We make you exceptional; no exception.

Efficiency – Owners of exceptional practices have exceptional systems. We integrate our trademarked 50 best practice systems with yours. Your team learns what to do and how to do it with grace. We train, coach, and measure your progress so you are good to grow. You become organised down to the minutiae. Your practice becomes seamless and flows with ease. Such a positive workplace makes you an employer of choice with few staffing issues. Your revitalised efficiency reduces stress for you, your team and patients. An efficient practice gives you your life back.

Do our values match yours? Call 1300 519 000 to learn more today!

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