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50 Practice Systems – Quiz Results

Score between 0-50

Oh dear. Practices with scores this low are not functioning well on most days, profits could be declining. Patients may not be returning and new patients are not finding you. There is a real danger of these practices going down quickly and
the business is at risk. The day-to-day running of the business is disjointed and no one wants to be there. The value of the business is probably declining and it is unlikely they will achieve market value when it comes time to sell. Stress-related illness is often high.

Now what? Take a deep breath. The first step is to recognise the problem. You are brave to face the truth. It probably would be a good idea to have chat about what’s going on and arrange an In-Practice Audit. We come and visit, do an assessment, listen to your issues and desires and together we make a plan. We really care about this profession and you. If this is where you are at lets get you some place better.

Score between 50-100

Hmm. Day-to-day functions may work some days better than others. Staff may not always be at their best. Books may have gaps and case acceptance can be low. You are at risk from the competition. You might feel like the business is running you and most days you feel some form of stress. You are probably not enjoying your work life.

Now what? It is highly recommended that you have a practice assessment so a robust action plan can be created to help you get out of your rut. Momentum Management can come to assess your practice, identify weaknesses, and work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make changes quickly. Life will get easier and stress will diminish.

Score between 100-150

Your practice is generally good, you have worked hard to get it that way. Some days are fabulous and other days fall apart. Staff are starting to become engaged and seem happy. You need to keep them that way. Books may have gaps and case acceptance could improve. The value of the business is good but could be better.

Now what? Why reinvent the wheel? You know you are intelligent to have got this far but to take it to the next level will take time and effort that will take you away from your clinical work. Give the experts at exceptional a call. We can help you tweak your systems from good to exceptional

Score between 150 – 200

Well done! Your practice is well on the way to excellent status. You have happy staff, you reach your daily goals regularly and your profit margins are good. You want to move to the next level but are hitting your head on the ceiling and don’t know exactly how to do it or have the time. Most of the practice systems are followed each day but this definitely could be improved upon. Your practice is valued at a good price but you want to insure it will stay this way. You enjoy a mostly happy work and private life and are ready to take your business to the next level.

Now what? You are now ready to take your practice to the Exceptional level. Joining the Momentum Management Program will help you take your practice from great to exceptional. The program will work closely with you over 24 months to ensure your practice survives any external influences, stays profitable with loyal staff and has a healthy, happy patient base.

Score between 200 – 250

CONGRATULATIONS! Your practice is functioning to exceptional standards. Your staff are engaged and motivated. You reach your daily goals and achieve a healthy profit margin year on year. You have lifelong patients and they refer friends, family and colleagues to you on a regular basis. The day-to-day systems and protocols are followed each day which creates harmony throughout the practice. Your business is exceptional and is valued at a high price to reflect that. Competition does not affect your business as you have safeguarded your business from external factors. Your health is good and you achieve a real work/life balance.

Come work for us!


Momentum Book cover

Be Exceptional

50 dental Practice Systems to Kill Average
and Wow Even Your Mother in Law!

If you would like to know more about these systems, all the information can be found in the newly published mini book which contains bite sized information in an easy to read format for busy dentists.

Available for $20 +GST.


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