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2018 Short Courses


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The Proactive Dentist – Patient Communication & Case Presentation

MELBOURNE 15 September – SYDNEY 5 May – BRISBANE 22 July – ONLINE All Year

Build relationships with your patients, create loyalty towards your practice and encourage acceptance of comprehensive treatment without selling or pushing.
You will master advanced learning techniques:

  • Outstanding communication beyond scripted verbal skills
  • Ethical management of patients expectations, needs and wants
  • How to present financial options to your patients without scaring them away
  • Neurolinguistic Programming, Body language and influence
  • Cultural etiquette
  • Planning and preparation for case presentation

1 Day

The Proactive Business – The Essentials

MELBOURNE 3 March – SYDNEY 17 November – BRISBANE 21 July – LIVE ONLINE 30 May

Learn the “Four P’s” of an outstanding business.
You will master four key areas:

  • Production: Achieving targets, budgets and managing by numbers
  • Patients: How to attract, diagnose and present treatment and retain your patients
  • Processes: Implementation of tried and tested systems and processes to run your practice effortlessly
  • People: How to hire, train and retain the perfect team

1 Day

The Essentials of the Proactive Marketing Manager

MELBOURNE 10 November – SYDNEY 4 August – BRISBANE 17 February – ONLINE All Year

A focus on marketing is essential for practice growth in 2017! Attract and retain your ideal patient base, learn the essentials of digital and website marketing and build your marketing strategy.
In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Formulate a 3-month marketing strategy to begin using immediately in your practice
  • Build your digital marketing toolkit and improve your online presence
  • Develop internal marketing methods to improve the patient experience and to drive loyalty
  • Obtain effective techniques to reactivate and reconnect with past patients
  • Identify who your ideal patients are and how to retain them
  • Generate referrals

1 Day

The Proactive Practice Manager

MELBOURNE 4-5 September – SYDNEY 22-23 May – BRISBANE 27-28 February – ONLINE All Year

Learn clear and practical solutions for immediate implementation in your practice.
In this workshop your team member will learn to:

  • Manage finances, budgets and KPIs
  • Effectively manage and motivate staff
  • Handle conflict
  • Efficiently manage schedules and workloads
  • Implement marketing campaigns
  • Lead and develop a strong team

2 Days

Autopilot Your Practice

MELBOURNE 18 August – SYDNEY 17 March – BRISBANE 13 October – LIVE ONLINE 27 June

Learn streamlined practice systems that run themselves! Put your practice on autopilot and live life on your terms… without sacrificing your income!
You will learn to:

  • Structure your practice to allow you freedom to live life the way you wish, while generating a healthy income
  • Implement systems to run the practice rather than letting the practice run you
  • Understand your numbers and diagnose practice problems from your smart phone
  • Hire, train and retain a world class team

1 Day

The Proactive Front Office Coordinator

MELBOURNE 20 June – SYDNEY 11 October – BRISBANE 18 April – ONLINE All Year

Equip your front office staff with the skills to handle all types of patients.
Content includes:

  • Learning valuable verbal skills to deal with getting appointment commitment, confirmation and strategies for dealing with no-shows and cancellations
  • Creating the ‘ideal day’ for the whole dental team
  • Communication skills for patients and fellow team members
  • Telephone skills including the new patient call, dealing with shoppers and emergency patients
  • Learning how to handle objections, conflict and confrontation
  • Building relationships with patients

1 Day

The Proactive Chair Side Assistant

MELBOURNE 21 June – SYDNEY 12 October – BRISBANE 19 April – ONLINE All Year

Teach your Chair Side Assistant to be much more than a person who does suction! They will master advanced learning techniques.
In this workshop your team member will learn to:

  • Set your day up for success with a well run morning meeting
  • Be prepared and learn to anticipate the dentists needs
  • Provide the fundamentals of four handed dentistry
  • Learn to support the dentist in communicating with your patients
  • Build relationships with your patients
  • Run efficient sterilisation procedures

1 Day

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