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Discovery Days

To succeed in these competitive times you need an exceptional practice!

How does your practice rate???

50 Practice Systems

Please look at the systems in the form below and score yourself on how well you have this system operating in your practice. Be honest! It is only for your eyes, and there is no sense in not seeing the real picture. If you don’’t know what a system is, you probably don’’t have it in place and should score a zero. Exceptional is when you have the system in place, the whole team is aware of the system and it works seamlessly!


Momentum Book cover

Be Exceptional

50 dental Practice Systems to Kill Average
and Wow Even Your Mother in Law!

If you would like to know more about these systems, all the information can be found in the newly published mini book which contains bite sized information in an easy to read format for busy dentists.

Available for $20 +GST.


Do you want to get organised but don’t have the time, energy or inclination?

The Exceptional CycleThen let us do it for you!

It all starts with a Discovery Day

Discovery Days will cover the 50 practice systems and more.

At Momentum Management, we enhance your practice!

You work hard, you deserve to succeed.

At Momentum, we believe every practice has the ability to grow and that you deserve to achieve the success you desire. Our comprehensive examination for your practice commences with a Discovery Day.

We visit your practice and spend 2-3 hours with you and your team while you are seeing patients. We diagnose and assess your practice needs. After, a tailored Development Plan is discussed in detail with you and is focussed on resolving the issues in your practice while allowing you to do what you do best…..your dentistry.

This is why we call our service ‘Resolve!’

One size does not fit all!!

You and your practice are unique. We create plans specifically tailored to your particular issues. When you choose to work with us, we send one of our highly trained Practice Development Managers to be your “Super Practice Manager”. They will roll up their sleeves to get the tasks completed and achieve your goals.

We also work within your budget and have options starting as low as $750 +GST per month.

Book your Discovery Day today $1200

Download our Resolve Brochure


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