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Our Director

Momentum Management
Leaders in Dental Practice Management

Our Director has Over 2 Decades of Dentistry Experience

Our industry leaders can support your practice through the changes that it takes to transform the way you provide dental care. We won’’t just tell you what to do and then leave you on your own, we know exactly what it takes to get you there and will see you through it.

Utilising our Dental Practice Management Program we can help you turn your practice into a successful and efficient business.


Momentum Management is lead by our Managing Director:

Dr Toni Surace, BDSc

Dr Toni Surace isn’’t just the director of Momentum Management, she’’s also one of our previous clients! Her success as a dental business owner lead her to eventually sell her practice and begin working with us full time.

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With a leader like this, you can rest assured that we’ll help you achieve your practice goals with hands-on interaction.

What else can you ask for? Not only do we guide you to do what it takes to turn your dental business around, we help you get there by doing a lot of the work on our own. Let Momentum Management take the stress out of your dental practice management, and turn your dental business into a successful one like many of the hundreds of dentists we’’ve helped so far.


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