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Our clients achieve 30% growth per year.

Exceptional practices easily stand out from Dr. Drill-and-Fill down the road.
Being exceptional gives you an edge in this competitive industry.

An exceptional practice achieves:

More referrals
Higher case acceptance
Higher production
Patient loyalty
You get an extra month off a year

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Online Learning


Dental Evolution

Want to get a taste of what we offer to the dental community? Join us on the Facebook group Dental Evolution by clicking this link. Over 4500 dentists learn with us online every Tuesday night live!

Over 50 Years of Experience as Industry Leaders

What sets Momentum Management apart from other types of dental practice management organisations is our extensive background in the dentistry and business market. We are a merged organisation with dentists, support staff, and dental practice management professionals, which allows us to understand the unique perspectives that every member of the team has to offer. Our credentials speak for themselves, but you should also hear what our clients have had to say.

Our Clients Have Access To:

  • Dental practice management guidance from graduation through retirement
  • A program investment that offers a 500% return
  • Guidance from coaches with both clinical and management skills
  • Life coaching for dentists and their families



We Stand by What We Do

We’re the type of Dental Practice Management Company that walks with you every step of the way so that you don’t have to do it on your own. We’ve helped hundreds of dentists just like you turn their practices around, and Momentum Management knows what it takes to get through the rough times so that you can enjoy your business again. It’s time to stop worrying about how to make your dental business fun and productive.

Momentum Management is here to help you get there without the stress and pressure of doing it on your own. Our past clients have typically increased their production by 45% after completing our Dental Practice Management program.

Take control of the future of your practice. Contact us today! 1300 519 000

  • Our Programs

    Momentum Management Program

    Momentum Masters
  • quote
    "I wish I would have known this 15 years ago"
    -Dr. DG (N.S.W.)
  • quote
    "Much better bonding and team building than I thought possible."
    -Dr. IH (S.A)
  • quote
    "You are capable. You can do anything. Momentum taught me that!!"
    -Team Member Dr. JC (New Zealand)