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10 Tips on Staying Focused

Mariel Stevens, BA Psychology, Management and Marketing,Assistant to the Managing Director, Momentum Management At one of our recent workshops, a practice owner expressed their concern with how to trust their team while they were away on holiday. “While the cat’s away, the mice will play,” they said. “How do I get the team to do […]

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Digital Marketing Beyond Websites

Dr Joanna Gray (PhD, LLB, B.Com(Hons)) and Coach/ Trainer at Momentum There’s no doubt that in the modern era, having a digital presence beyond a website is a good idea. Increasingly, we’re hearing from young people (i.e. those in their early twenties) that they don’t even look at websites any more; they go straight to […]

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Invest in Internal Marketing: Build Your Team to Build Your Business

Mariel Stevens, Assistant to the Managing Director, B. Psychology, Management and Marketing As featured in Bite Magazine, December 2016 At Momentum Management, we’re constantly being asked by practices how they can improve upon their marketing. They want to know how to attract and retain more patients, how to build their brand and how to best […]

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Are You Supporting Your Staff with a Growth Mindset?

Mariel Stevens, Assistant to the Managing Director, B. Psychology, Management and Marketing In the Momentum Management Program, one of the systems that we support our clients to establish, is growth conferences. The purpose of a growth conference is to provide an opportunity for an open and non-threatening discussion on what a team member is doing […]

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How do you balance your time?

Dr Toni Surace, CEO and Managing Director of Momentum Management We all wear many ‘hats’ in this thing we call life. You may be a dentist, entrepreneur, business person, son or daughter, mother or father, sister or brother, school committee member, kids’ taxi driver, house keeper, gardener, golfer etc etc. I am constantly hearing that […]

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10 Things I Have Learned About Business

Dr. Toni Surace, Managing Director and CEO of Momentum Management   I’ve been running my own businesses ever since I was 14. I started by making my own perfume with crushed flower petals squashed into bottles and then started a stall at a craft market and sold my handcrafted goods there. I have always been […]

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